“My eyes are small and yet they see huge things” a great Persian poet of the 13th century wrote. On his contrary Roberto Visani’s eyes can see very small things, we’d say a microcosm, where he plays with images of an invisible world almost unknown to all of us, used as we are to perceiving but the material world. Roberto Visani lives in his own world made of seeds, true salt of the earth, wonders of creation and creative power of the nature.
By forging and enlarging, Roberto Visani creates sculptures out of stone and metal. Shapes are lively and vibrant, essential and archaic and yet highly refined. Against the world that we are presently living in, where no much care is paid to the nature and either existing and extinguished seeds are collected at the Global Seed Bank in Norway, Visani moves beyond a mere artistic attitude. He rather praises earth, engages for the future of humanity and calls for beauty and perfect creation. A sense of reconciliation arises from contemplation of his perfect stony forms hanging on a branch, and recalling ancient memories within us.